Welcome to REACH Labs

Created for REALTOR® Associations and MLS teams, REACH Labs is a program to help you engage more deeply and systematically with the startup community in your area, and source innovation for your members faster, more efficiently, and more effectively.

Why establish a REACH Lab?

  • Get ahead of PropTech, ReTech, CREtech, and Realtor-focused tech trends
  • Discover new local startups that benefit the real estate industry
  • Ensure your members stay on the cutting edge of technology and innovation
  • Expand your network of connections to the tech community
  • Provide feedback to startups and help shape the future of technology for real estate
  • Help members find the best tech solutions to advance their businesses

About REACH Labs

REACH Labs are staffed and operated by you, associations and/or MLS team,=, with guidance from the REACH scale-up team. REACH Labs provides a framework and set of tools to:

  • Find promising new tech companies in your region
  • Evaluate new technology
  • Connect with the startup ecosystem in your community including investors, regional incubators, academic organizations and key networking groups
  • Host quarterly ‘Innovation Showcases’ to present tech to your members
  • Mobilize members to share tech they have discovered

REACH Labs is strictly focused on introducing innovative technology to association members. There is no investment commitment by Second Century Ventures (NAR’s strategic investment fund), REACH, MLSs, or associations.

Program Requirements

REACH Labs are most effective in regions with a healthy emerging or existing startup ecosystem and significant interest in new technology from a large base of members. Additionally, associations should ensure they have adequate staffing resources to run a REACH Lab. A minimum of one staff member who is available for 3-4 hours per week is recommended.

REACH Lab Association and MLS Members

Interested in Establishing a REACH Lab?

If you are an Association or MLS interested in launching a REACH Lab, please complete the following form and a member of our team will be in touch.

For Startups Interested in Connecting with a REACH Lab

Ideal startup candidates for the NAR REACH Labs program are focused on real estate or adjacent industries like home and financial services, construction, and insurance, or companies developing products and services that benefit a mobile workforce of professionals, and are eager to showcase their solution to members of the REALTOR® Association in their area. If you are a startup interested in connecting with a REACH Lab in your area, please complete the following form.