RentMoola is a cloud platform that empowers consumers to take control of their finances through a simple, integrated, and secure solution that is powered by a digital platform.

Risk Management For Landlords
RentMoola’s SaaS platform helps landlords create recession-resistant businesses by empowering them to mitigate risk, improve their cap rates, and increase the value of their holdings.

With RentMoola, landlords are able to manage processes such as marketing their properties, tenant screening to ensure they target the right renters, credit reporting, improving their cash flow, eliminating risks with rental insurance, eliminating missed payments, and generating working capital as needed.

Tenants Take Control of Their Finances
With RentMoola, tenants can take control of their finances in one comprehensive and convenient platform. From accessing interest free microloans, searching for the perfect place to live, to improving their credit score by reporting their rent payments to the credit bureaus, improving their chances of approval through tenant screening checks, accessing security deposit alternatives, rental insurance, and more, tenants enjoy a more convenient way to manage their finances.