Water leaks are the top cause of damage to property.
When it comes to water damage, extensive and expensive restoration works are required, works that could have been eliminated if detected and handled in real time.

Watrix is a Failsafe proactive water management system securing buildings and homes from water leaks damage and waste.

The system was designed to monitor water usage, with extremely high resolution, , detect and handle any unusual event effectively without compromising life’s routine.
Based on it’s cutting-edge AI algorithm, Watrix learns the “normal” water usage patterns, and constantly improves the system’s detection efficiency.

Once a leak starts Watrix will detect it quickly and accurately, it will trigger a
sequence of quick actions to notify and stop the leak just on time, preventing the damage and waste.

Why is Watrix so unique?

Always on guard – 24/7 failsafe operation based on an Internal battery pack and integrated M2M cloud connectivity
AI-driven – “Learns” normal consumption patterns and provides early and accurate water leak detection including invisible leaks.
Flexible – Integrates with existing BMS or standalone operation via proprietary dashboard.
Data & analytics – Make more informed management decisions and reduce damage and financial loss with full water consumption analytics.

Water leaks are un expected-Watrix makes sure your property stays safe and dry.

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