About the Program

1Why do we have an accelerator focused on real estate?
The real estate industry in Asia Pacific (APAC) accounted for 34% of the global GDP output in 2017 and is improving swiftly in terms of liquidity and transparency. According to MSCI data, APAC markets delivered firmer, less volatile returns over the past 10 years, compared to both North America and Europe.

Asia is the world's largest continent, with a population of approximately 4 billion undergoing considerable population movements. KPMG predicts the biggest changes in urbanisation will occur in Australia, China, India, Japan, and Thailand. These countries will see close to 20% of their populations move into urban areas in the next 30 years - the largest mass migration of people in history at 1 billion. This demographic change and the region’s technological trends will drive deep structural changes across APAC.

In short, the real estate market in APAC is huge and it is ready for innovation. Companies approach us requesting to access and navigate the landscape. Practitioners in the marketplace ask us to weed through the noise and to help them find the best solutions that will allow them to conduct their business faster and more efficiently. We are in a unique position to leverage our expertise to identify best-in-class solutions and provide a bridge between those who are looking for help with those who can provide it.
2Who should apply?
If you agree with one or more of the following statements, you should apply:

  • You are interested in tapping into the multi-trillion dollar real estate market in Australia and Southeast Asia.
  • You are interested in tapping into the multi-trillion dollar real estate market in Australia and Southeast Asia.
  • You are interested in leveraging NAR’s $5 billion brand to tap into that market.
  • You have a technology that could bring innovation, efficiency and value to the real estate market.
  • You would like help from real estate professionals to refine your product and go to market strategy.
  • You are ready to work relentlessly with us to increase the value of your business multi-fold in 9 short months.
3How is REACH® Australia different from other accelerator or incubator programs?
REACH® is a scale up program for the real estate industry. We will use our connections to guide you in on all things real estate while helping you to define a well-rounded business. We work closely with other accelerators and incubators and welcome anyone who has graduated from TechStars, DreamIt, YCombinator, RealTechX, Startmate, muruD, BlueChilli, Antler, Entrepreneur First, Startupbootcamp and other great programs to apply.
4We have already been through an incubator/accelerator program. Does it make sense to do this too?
Yes, if you are looking to take advantage of the opportunities the property industry vertical can provide. While other accelerator programs provide some similar functions and many significant benefits, REACH®’s differentiating factor is a focus on education, mentorship and international market exposure specific to market entry and access to the real estate sector. We are looking for companies that we can help go global, fast.
5We already have investors. Can we still apply?
Please do! We accept companies at all stages of investment from an early idea to a company with significant revenues and investors.
6Should we apply if this idea/company is a part time gig?
No. We expect founders and teams to be committed to their companies 100%

Program Benefits & Costs

1What benefits can we expect from this program?
REACH® Australia will accept six to 10 companies per year and provide access to one of the world’s largest industries as well as access to NAR, one of the most powerful forces in that industry. Participating companies will interact with some of the most highly regarded executives, digital entrepreneurs, investors and practitioners in the industry who run, manage or have sold companies.
2The value we should expect from partnering with REACH® Australia?
  • Association with NAR and its $5B brand.
  • The opportunity to penetrate the real estate market in Australia and Southeast Asia exponentially faster than you could on your own.
  • A vast network within the property and adjacent industries such as construction, banking, insurance, legal etc.
  • Guidance to develop a defined strategy for your company within real estate.
3Is this a turnkey marketing program?
No. We will work with NAR to offer a campaign to communicate and educate the industry about the REACH® Program and its chosen class of companies. We will recommend that you coordinate your own marketing campaign alongside ours to achieve the best results. We can help you identify tools most effective for this purpose within the constraints of your budget and stage of business.

Application Process

1Do we need a business plan?
Don’t waste your time writing a lengthy word document. Your startup is fluid, a lengthy business plan becomes outdated the minute you hit save. A stellar application will however have 5 – 10 slides defining your product, market and growth strategy for your business. The application itself provides more detail on what we expect.
2Are you taking applications from international companies?
Yes, if the entrepreneurs are both willing to come to Australia and Southeast Asia for the program (flying in and out for core elements) and are legally qualified to work here during that time. Please note this is an event-based sales and marketing program and co-location is not required. While the REACH Australia team is based out of Melbourne, our program runs through out key Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia real estate markets, i.e. where your customers are likely to be. Due to the COVID-19 situation, please keep in mind that the program delivery is subject to change based on travel restrictions and regulations.
3Will you sign an NDA?
No. We do not sign NDAs. As you embark on growing your business, keep in mind that ideas are cheap and it’s the execution and team that are the key determinants of success for any business. You are more likely to benefit from sharing your idea freely and gather as much feedback as possible to help you refine your plans than to be at risk from someone stealing your idea. Tell us as much as you feel comfortable sharing without an NDA, keep in mind that we will not interview everyone so all we have to go on in our selection process is what you share with us in your application.
4Do you interview applicants?
Yes, we will select 15 – 20 companies to conduct video interviews over Zoom.

Selection Process & Criteria

1What type of companies do you look for?
The following are some of the criteria we will use when assessing your application:

  • We are most excited about technology companies that have applicability in multiple industries of which real estate is one of them.
  • Teams will consist of entrepreneurs with the potential to build companies that are leaders in their market and the ambition to scale in Australia and Southeast Asia.
  • Companies that can demonstrate clear value to the real estate industry across Australia and Southeast Asia will stand out above the rest.
  • Products that are selling well and already have some traction are the most likely to be accepted but we welcome all applications that are highly scalable with huge potential.

Activities/Curriculum Specifics

1What can be expected from the curriculum?

  • The real estate industry as you never knew it.
  • Customers – they may not be who you think they are.
  • Distribution channels & partner relationships.
  • Communication strategies and PR.
  • Sales and marketing tactics – planning, product roadmaps, and industry outreach.
  • Social media - tools, tips, and tricks.
  • Mentor feedback – One on one mentorship from industry experts across both commercial and residential real estate as well as VC investors.

Business Specific

  • Getting to scale
  • Monetization strategy
  • Success metrics
  • Lead generation, tracking and conversions
  • Business economics
  • Investor opportunities
  • Term sheets