RealX , America’s first and largest online property rights exchange, is revolutionizing the way surface, subsurface, and air rights are bought, sold and leased. RealX connects landowners with buyers to lease their property for solar, wind, oil & gas, timber, cell towers and more. By leveraging digitization, globalization and virtualization across all marketplaces, RealX unlocks the value of every property, empowering each party to maximize the return on their investment.

RealX helps landowners and the real estate professionals that represent them in the exchange resolve five crucial questions: How do I market my property rights for my land? What are the revenue opportunities available for my land? How do I ensure that my land is seen by the broadest amount of buyers? How do I know I am working with trustworthy people?

On the other side of the exchange are the corporations that require access to the land for energy, building materials, communications infrastructure, agriculture, etc… Their single desire is to find available acreage as quickly and seamlessly as possible – no more postcards, cold-calling and boots on the ground.

RealX is organizing and modernizing a highly-fragmented $100 billion marketplace, and providing landowners and buyers a place to connect and close.